Data Privacy Week: Get Comfortable with Privacy

Data Privacy Week: Take Control of Your Data and Get Comfortable with Privacy

We may feel despair about how our data is collected and used by our apps and web services—especially as they often request more data than necessary. But here’s the silver lining, thanks to privacy rules like the GDPR and Data Protection Act: you have some control! Privacy rules help protect us, the users. Websites and apps are now increasing transparency around the info they collect and how they use it. Furthermore, many devices and apps allow you to customise which data they collect on you so that you can take control of your data!

We recommend that you schedule a time to review privacy policies and your privacy settings at least once a quarter for every app, account, or device. Below are some common settings to configure.

Photo Access
Services you allow to access your photos can do with them as they please (even worse, if there is a security breach). If you must share photos with an app, use the device security settings feature that allows you to specify which images you share.


Access to Contact List
Connecting with loved ones on your gaming apps may be more effortless when the app suggests them, but is it necessary for gameplay? It is better to search for them than to hand over your contact list to an app that can exploit your loved ones’ info.


Location Tracking
Of course, GPS services require your location to function; what about your social media apps? If you decide to share your location with a service, consider using the device feature that only allows them to access it when in use.


Ready? Set. Go!
Select one, two, or several apps and services you frequently use from the link below and adjust your privacy settings to your comfort level. Review their privacy policies and understand how they use your data. If you are using a product that refuses to function without specific unnecessary controls, find a different product!


Manage Privacy Settings
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