Data Privacy Week: 4 Ways to Protect Your Data

CIRT-BS Data Privacy Week | Protect Your Data

So what’s the big deal about privacy, anyway? When you avoid taking measures to take control of your data, you make yourself susceptible to identity theft, which can lead to several issues, including financial loss and damage to your online footprint.

Throughout this Data Privacy Week, CIRT-BS covered topics around practising discernment in sharing specific data with various services and taking action on our decisions through privacy settings. But there are other ways we can take control of our data, and that is by protecting it.



Choose passwords with eight or more characters and mixed character types. Never reuse your passwords and store them in password managers.



Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Even if your password is compromised, MFA provides additional defence by requiring you to verify your sign-in attempt with a single click. Initially, it may feel like a chore to take this extra step; however, it becomes second nature as you begin building this habit.

Favourite multi-factor authenticators in the CIRT-BS office include Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Duo Mobile.



Identify Phishing
With our online activity increasing daily, hackers can easily trick us into turning our info over to them through phishing. Common scams include a fake email from your bank, a message from someone on social media promising you verification or the ability to see your page visitors, and a WhatsApp message from a scammer posing as customer support for a company. As a digital citizen, become familiar with the forms of phishing, and if you see it, report it to help prevent the scammer from attempting to attack someone else.



Update Software
Turn on automatic device, software, and browser updates. Older software versions are prone to security breaches, and newer versions are often equipped with advanced security features. You become like a sitting duck when you do not update!



Thank You!
We hoped that you enjoyed Data Privacy Week.
Please let us know what step you will take toward protecting your privacy here.

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