Service Areas

Event Management

Event Management aims to identify information security incidents by correlating and analysing security events from various event and contextual data sources.


Monitoring & Detection
Event Analysis

Vulnerability Management

The Vulnerability Management Service Area includes services related to the discovery and handling of new or reported security vulnerabilities in information systems.

Discovery & Research
Report Intake

Incident Management 

Incident Management is the heart of CIRT-BS and consists of services vital to helping constituents during an attack or incident. These include collecting and evaluating information security incident reports and analysing relevant data.


Incident Report Acceptance
Incident Analysis
Incident Coordination

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness comprises identifying, processing, comprehending, and communicating the critical elements of threats to appropriate constituents in a timely manner.

Data acquisition

Education & Awareness

With its unique oversight on information security threats, trends, and risks, Education and Awareness is the most visible of CIRT-BS service areas. Transferring this knowledge to constituents is key to improving the overall cybersecurity posture of The Bahamas.


Training & Education
Learning Exercises
Technical & Policy Advisory

Digital Forensic 

Digital Forensic Service provides forensically sound evidence collection, analysis, and reporting, with the objective to be suitable and admissible in courts. 

(Future Service)

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