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The National Computer Incident Response Team of The Bahamas (CIRT-BS) is a part of the government of The Bahamas’ “Digital Transformation to Strengthen Competitiveness” project and has been established to serve as a focal point for the coordination of cybersecurity incident response for the public and private sectors of The Bahamas. 

CIRT-BS has a pivotal role to play in supporting the government of The Bahamas in addressing cybersecurity-related issues at the national level and preparing for, detecting, managing, and responding to cyber incidents.  The agency will drive the recently approved National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS) of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas which determines responsibilities and mandates of key cybersecurity government and non-governmental actors, and directs allocation of resources to the emerging and existing cybersecurity issues and priorities.  It underlines the importance of developing and enhancing the country’s overall cybersecurity incident response and management capabilities.


To be a trusted leader in cybersecurity incident response, creating a robust, secure and resilient cyberspace through global collaboration.  

Mission Statement:

To improve the country’s cybersecurity posture through proactive identification and management of cyber risks, collaborated cyber information sharing, and education while protecting the constitutional rights of all Bahamian residents. 



The information you have accessed or received is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The National Computer Incident Response Team of The Bahamas (CIRT-BS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding this information.

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