Data Privacy Week: The Privacy & Convenience Trade-off

Think about the last application you downloaded on your mobile phone. It could be a messaging tool, an engaging social media platform, or even a GPS navigator. Whatever the app may be, mobile applications add considerable value to our lives… but at what cost?

The truth is, while these apps may provide convenience, they also infringe on your privacy by collecting extensive data on you and sometimes even selling it. Therefore, consider the privacy and convenience tradeoff you are bargaining for before downloading or using an app or web-based service.

Below are some factors to consider.



What info is most pertinent?
Make informed decisions about sharing your data with certain businesses.




Is it worth it?
Consider the amount of information they are asking for. Weigh it against the benefits you may receive in return.




Do they really need to know?
Be wary of apps or services that require access to information that is not relevant to their services. For example, do you need to share your contacts and location with an app you use to purchase concert tickets?



Am I still using this app?
Delete unused apps. They may be vulnerable to security breaches and collecting data in the background.



Remember, if you are not paying for the product,

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