Consumer Loan Scams

Attention Constituent: 

We would like to inform you about a series of consumer loan scams originating from actors posing as third-party representatives of financial institutions, including Central Bank of The Bahamas and Bank of The Bahamas Limited.

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CIRT-BS reminds you that scammers often attempt to draw on your emotions by creating a sense of urgency and appearing to be trustworthy. Remember to do the following if an offer seems suspicious.

  1. Pause and Reflect: If an offer seems too good to be true or you’re being asked to take an action, and you feel a strong emotion associated with it, such as excitement or fear, it may be illegitimate.
  2. Verify: To confirm the offer, contact the authorised financial institution directly using their official contact information. Do not attempt to verify the offer by using the contact information provided by the third party offering the loan.
  3. Protect Your Data: Never share your personal information with a non-reputable organisation or unauthorised financial institution. Reputable financial institutions will not attempt to solicit your passwords or PINs by unconventional methods.
  4. Report It: If you receive a suspicious offer, immediately report it to your bank.

As always, we urge our constituents to remain vigilant against online scams.



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