Cloud Carib holds LeadHERship Women’s Day Brunch

Guest Speaker Sametria McKinney, Director CIRT-BS, and M’khel Ferguson, Cloud Carib Marketing Operations Manager, engage in empowering dialogue at Cloud Carib’s LeadHERship Women’s Brunch, highlighting the importance of women’s tech leadership. Photo Credit: Cloud Carib

Source: Cloud Carib

Nassau, The Bahamas – Nassau-based technology solutions provider Cloud Carib celebrated International Women’s Day with an inspiring “LeadHERship” brunch at its Centre of Excellence in Sandyport. The event aimed to inspire and cultivate meaningful dialogue and community among the women of the tech company’s staff. The highlight of the brunch was the keynote conversation featuring Sametria McKinney, Director of the National Computer Incidence Response Team of the Bahamas (CIRT-BS).


Moderated by M’khel Ferguson, Cloud Carib’s Marketing Operations Manager, the discussion delved into the challenges encountered by women in the region and specifically within the tech industry. Sametria McKinney, a seasoned leader with over a decade of experience in technology-based roles, shared her insights on navigating gender bias and surmounting industry hurdles. The discussion covered the importance of mentorship and allyship, emphasizing the power of building strong support networks and “tribes” for women.


McKinney captured the essence of the event in her address, stating, “As we navigate the dynamics of the tech industry, it’s crucial to anchor ourselves in a community that uplifts and empowers. Today’s dialogue signifies more than mere conversation; it’s about lighting a path for collective growth and innovation.”

Sametria McKinney polls the room and encourages them to find a tribe of women whom they can rely on. Photo Credit: Cloud Carib

The brunch concluded by addressing implicit bias within groups that include both women and men and the critical need for attaining a better work-life balance for women in demanding professions. Attendees exchanged strategies for prioritizing both professional and personal well-being, ultimately fostering a more empowered and fulfilled workforce.


The brunch not only served as a platform for discussion but also as an incubator for mentorship connections, with several attendees recognizing leadership figures amongst the group. Compliance Officer Christian Albury provided a compelling testament to the event’s impact: “The LeadHERship Brunch has been an eye-opener; it’s reinforced the importance of continuous learning and personal development. The guidance on furthering my education and the specific strategies for acquiring certifications are more than just advice – they’re the tools that empower us to get past imposter syndrome. I’m leaving today not just with new insights but actionable steps and a confidence boost to take on challenges I thought I wasn’t capable of yet, both personally and professionally.”

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