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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Overview

Keep Your Students Safer

Students spend much time online in today’s digital world.

Online is great fun, but cyberbullying, oversharing, and clickjacking may cause them harm. Get Safe Online provides valuable information to prepare students to navigate the online world. We want every student while online to say with confidence #lAmSafer. Visit to find out how students can stay safe online.


Choose Secure Passwords

Work together with your child while studying and browsing to make sure he or she chooses passwords that nobody will guess. Passwords for social networks and email should be the most secure. Teach your child the importance of not sharing their passwords with anyone else-even best friends or siblings. Visit to learn more.


Think Before You Post!

Oversharing information affects far more of us than we might think. Whether you’ve shared a seemingly innocent photo of your friends or family – or unwittingly given away details of your banking or passport details. Children, including teenagers, can be very prone to oversharing.


Look Out for Phishers

Social media is a preferred channel that criminals use to deceive their victims, as it makes their work very simple.

With over 1.3 billion people logging on to their favourite social media accounts every month and the trust many have in the broader community of users, social media phishing represents a rich source of income for fraudsters.

Students are not immune and should be careful online.

Visit the website below to learn more.

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