Parcel Delivery Scams

ⓘ This advisory addresses an uptick in parcel delivery scams.

Attention constituent: 

CIRT-BS is observing an uptick in parcel delivery scams involving threat actors impersonating Bahamas Postal Services’ (BPS) website to solicit payment and personally identifiable information from members of the general public.

Actors are sending SMS messages from the telephone number “+0123456789” advising recipients that their “delivery” is on hold and requesting they visit a malicious webpage that spoofs BPS’ website. Once on the webpage, the user receives a prompt to enter payment information.

CIRT-BS wishes to advise the public that these attacks are fraudulent and that BPS does not send delivery updates via SMS. Instead, BPS places a notice card in the addressee’s postal box and may call by phone if a number is recorded on the package.

What to Do in this Situation
  1. Verify communication. If you believe you are receiving an SMS message update about a legitimate delivery, contact your shipping company through its official means of communication.
  2. Do not click on links. If you receive an SMS message about a delay for an unexpected delivery asking you to click a link, do not click the link (especially if the URL is unclear) and block the number.
  3. Go to the source. If you ordered an item around the time you received a delivery update SMS message, go to the website where you placed your order and review the tracking updates there.
  4. Report. Remain vigilant, especially when making payments, and report “smishing” attempts to If you have become a victim of a smishing attack, follow the appropriate steps to notify your financial institution, query suspicious transactions, cancel the compromised bank card, and request a new one.



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