Dropbox discloses breach after hacker stole 130 GitHub repositories

Dropbox disclosed a security breach after threat actors stole 130 code repositories after gaining access to one of its GitHub accounts using employee credentials stolen in a phishing attack.

The company discovered the attackers breached the account on October 14 when GitHub notified it of suspicious activity that started one day before the alert was sent.

“To date, our investigation has found that the code accessed by this threat actor contained some credentials—primarily, API keys—used by Dropbox developers,” Dropbox revealed on Tuesday.

“The code and the data around it also includeda few thousand names and email addresses belonging to Dropbox employees, current and past customers, sales leads, and vendors (for context, Dropbox has more than 700 million registered users).”

The successful breach resulted from a phishing attack that targeted multiple Dropbox employees using emails impersonating the CircleCI continuous integration and delivery platform and redirecting them to a phishing landing page where they were asked to enter their GitHub username and password.

On the same phishing page, the employees were also asked to “use their hardware authentication key to pass a One Time Password (OTP).”

Phishing email impersonating CircleCI
Phishing email impersonating CircleCI (BleepingComputer)
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